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The Night Of The Living Thread

maandag 14 juni 2010 11:08 Gepost door Liz Dvorkin 0 reacties
A couple of days ago I've got this great present from my Lovely Jonathan!
A set of hair-bands and a sack witch are so cute!
And the important thing is, it's all hand made by Eva Spence from Rolo Tomassi one of the greatest bands I ever saw live.
Thank you Jonathan and Eva for this great present!

Люблю Малину.

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Me and My DIANA F

vrijdag 4 juni 2010 11:37 Gepost door Liz Dvorkin 0 reacties

For my Birthday I've got the best present I could wish for a Diana F+.
This little plastic case rock my world. I try to use it more but I always have doubts about using it after my not so perfect first try.
But I'll don't give up till I get the perfect shots with her.

Those are some shoots I made during the winter in Brussels.
Imagination needed to be used.

Call me a safe bet.

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I'm a working person now.

zaterdag 29 mei 2010 15:41 Gepost door Liz Dvorkin 0 reacties
Today I had my official first (actual second) work day at Zest juice bar, I'm a happy person to make other people happy with a Juice :)

And I actually watched the eurovision song today, what didn't made me so happy,
But now I'm going to take a rest.

It's been a long-long day.

vrijdag 28 mei 2010 14:05 Gepost door Liz Dvorkin 1 reacties

Today is a special cause it's Cynthia her B-day (still for an hour from now).
So, Happy Birthday Cynthia, I hope you enjoyed the getting old part ;)

I also had great a time with Charlotte at the noon.

After school I visited the screen-printing class, and I made some thing for my self (and Charlie),
and for the band of my gorgeous man.